Handmade In Morocco


“C’MiMi, how cute!”, that is the kind of reaction that we get for all our handmade dog and cat accessories.


C’MiMi is a one-woman show. The business is headed and run by Janan Benabud. She is someone who does not mind going that extra mile to create something beautiful for your pet.

Handcrafted Items

All the items that we exhibit at our store are handmade. We pay minute attention to detail while making each item. We source our raw material from various places to create our range of fashionable pet accessories. The sheer variety in the material used is what makes each item at our store unique.  As a small contribution to the environment, we use vintage fabric and notions, as well as fabric remnants and pieces of used clothing in good condition.

In our shop, you can find with a Moroccan touch.  

Our Mission

Our Mission  is to make stylish handmade apparel for your beloved pets!

Our humble CSR


We help local and international rescue associations in their endless efforts to protect animals and place them in the homes of the owners who would care about them.

We celebrate the various cultures through our work.

Connect with us to know more about our collection of pet accessories.