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 Pet fashion for a cause 

Your pet is probably the only companion who will forever be available for you, no matter if you are available for it or not.

Show your love for your four-legged companion now. Gift it beautiful dog attire to make it look all the more cute. 

At C’MiMi, we help you choose the best pet cloth from our range of selections. Whether you are looking for luxury clothes for dogs, or apparel with a Moroccan touch, or even pet couture, we have it all. 

Apart from beautiful dog attire, we also offer attractive harnesses, which are comfortable for both the dog as well as you, when you are walking it around.

Custom Orders


Do not worry about the size or the clothing fixture. At C’MiMi, we also provide you with the option of creating pieces based on your request. You can place custom orders with us.

C'MiMi is very innovative! We have also received our patent for our gorgeous Party Harness! Shop now.

Charity Work


We feel that it is essential to give back to the community. We participate in a lot of charitable events and shows, to help fund  animal rescue teams and other animal cause organizations.

Find out how C’MiMi is lending a helping paw!

Contact us to learn more about our clothing selection.


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